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who rang me from 5188411848 (unknown)

unknown want to find name and details...  » Read more

which company 6477214641 (unknown)

It is hopefully good and I will use more often....  » Read more

can't call on 2132143429 (unknown)

This number sends a text with a short video, aka a GIF, in my case a man highfiving a cat while walking by it. It then says “You have been invited! Your friends want to hang :) Check it out! - Reply HELP for help, STOP to stop more invites from friends” I’m not stupid enough to click on the link due to the recent surge of ...  » Read more

who rang me from 2029816575 (scam)


Who is 2146793536 (unknown)

12146793536 called my cell number often I don`t know the number I don`t answer...  » Read more

reverse lookup +12107148844 (unknown)

Don’t know who’s it is...  » Read more

who called +12182068509 (unknown)

claiming to be federal law, states a person`s name and then say if you are not the person`s name ,hang up! Never states the department, the person name or number ,who`s calling. making threats but never state the exact person for calling....  » Read more

phone number +12021241534 (scam)

Someone from this number named Kimberly called me and said I have been chosen to receive a federal grant of 9000 dollars it`s a total scam...  » Read more

address +12064769941 (unknown)

2064769941...  » Read more

Phone Number +14509101946 (scam)

This number is use in scam...  » Read more

Useful Facts

How Call Blocking Technology Works?

Not that difficult blocks incoming calls. It is an extension of the caller ID displayed the phone number of incoming calls directly on your Smartphone or on a device on your phone connected. Find out more about caller recognition as caller ID work? So, as your fingerprint is used as a unique identifier, this is also your own telephone number. Each time you request a phone call to be made, the by is transmitted along the telephone line as a series of beeps with different frequencies. Even if your caller-ID box reads 'blocked', the number delivered still was, but was hidden by the telephone company upon request of the caller from your point of view. Many people subscribe to a service that prevents that displays their number; You may also call * 67, your number of show on certain calls to block. How phones work you all say that you want to send information over telephone lines. Without in all the technical details that it does a call blocker works by recognizing these figures, you have set as prohibited, and instead of your phone ringing, she plays a message, the person that they have blocked. A few call blockers can be programmed, calls rejected by the last person who called. In this way, even though you may not know telephone number of the person you block unknown calls. With other screening devices, people with blocked numbers can be required to identify themselves, if they want to reach you. Unfortunately, call blockers are not foolproof. Persistent caller can often outwit these technologies. For example, changes as it is sometimes called, phone spoofing, the number as the origin of the call is transferred so that the caller will not be blocked. A call blocker also can deal with a calling card with telephone or VoIP. If you receive threatening calls, contact the police. If you think about it, the prevalence of call screening devices is somewhat ironic. Telephones were invented to improve the communication channels and people over long distances is connect. Now there is a growing market for options, switch on this channel and prevent people to establish a connection.

About Phone Numbers

What do the digits in the phone numbers?

General Information About Phone Digits

The phone number that you choose to call someone an address, the IP address of a computer or the address of your House is similar to basically. The length of the phone number varies depending on the country, those who you call. In many European countries, phone numbers are variable in length of only five or six digits in small towns to ten or more in the major cities.

Fixed Length

Fixed-length, with a total of 10 digit phone numbers are in the United States. The 3-3-4 system, developed by AT & T 1947 used three blocks of numbers in two blocks of three and a block of four numbers arranged. Look under the phone number for HowStuffWorks how to go through the importance of the various blocks.

Country Code

Think the city three parts such as an address, where the prefix is the prefix is the road and the number of the line is the House. You can go even a step further with this analogy by including the country. The "1", select on long-distance calls within the United States is the country code actually.

Area Code

Primaries, regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), codes used to a specific geographic region, to call such as a city or a part of a State.


The prefix on a telephone line originally referred to the particular switch, connected. Each switch of a phone provider was central to a unique three-digit number. With the arrival of computerized switches, many systems allow now-local number portability (LNP). This means that a customer phone number can be moved to a different switch be without having to change a part of it, including the prefix, as long as the customer not from the local area of interest moves.

Line Number

This is the number at the switch level to the telephone line that you need. Because the number of the line and not the phone itself is assigned to, you can easily change add phones or more phones on the same line.

Sample Data

some phone number informations from our database

Dunkin' Donuts Chambersburg

Address: 1070 Lincoln Way E
City: Chambersburg, County: Franklin
State: PA, Country: U.S.A.

Area Code: 717

Phone: +17172629016

Dunkin' Donuts Manchester

Address: 25 Lakeside Dr
City: Manchester, County: Hillsborough
State: NH, Country: United States of America

Area Code: 603

Phone: +16036228827

Dunkin' Donuts-baskln Robbins Conyers

Address: 2130 Salem Rd SE
City: Conyers, County: Rockdale
State: GA, Country: United States

Area Code: 770

Phone: +17707619711

Dunkin' Donuts Alexandria

Address: 3050 Duke St
City: Alexandria, County: Alexandria City
State: VA, Country: U.S.A.

Area Code: 703

Phone: +17037518986

Dunkin' Donuts Trenton

Address: 225 E State St
City: Trenton, County: Mercer
State: NJ, Country: United States

Area Code: 609

Phone: +16093924494

Dunkin' Donuts Louisville

Address: 2700 Fern Valley Rd
City: Louisville, County: Jefferson
State: KY, Country: United States

Area Code: 502

Phone: +15029668919

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