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can't call on 4567852348 (unknown)

IDK who this number belongs. It`s no geographical. IDK anyone out of the country...  » Read more

whose cellphone number is 2024445698 (unknown)

I never answer this call from Washington D.C., but it seems to be part of this increasing trend to call from similar area code and prefix but using a variety of line numbers. Once you block this one, another calls you back with a different 4 digit line number. Answered by mistake once and heard a female in background, hung up once she realized I wa...  » Read more

someone know number 2028540529 (unwanted)


which company 2089174269 (unknown)

Can`t know until I answer or call it back. Fk it yolo...  » Read more

Who is 2262705142 (unknown)

I think this number is a USA number....  » Read more

from usa +15188718585 (safe)

who is this...  » Read more

scams +12268281602 (unknown)

good service...  » Read more

phone number +12144597151 (unknown)

some stupid music playing and nobody ever came to the line. BLOCKED...  » Read more

scams +12028660591 (scam)

Are your Ready, Drum Roll Please. Picked up my message on my home answering machine (has nomoromo ie call spam/blocker). "This is your Final message as we are issuing an arrest warrant for the fraud you`ve committed . . . Call us back at 202.866.0591 or we will be forced to issue an arrest warrant. Go ahead since the I.R.S. doesn`t work this way...  » Read more

Phone Number +12096366932 (unknown)

Don`t know who this person that keeps calling me...  » Read more

Useful Facts

How Automatic Dialers Work?

A simple automatic dialing systems is not very expensive or complicated to set up. You need four things to create a base system: A computer, preferably a desktop model A voice modem Auto dial up software An active telephone line A voice modem allows a computer or recording audio via a phone line to play. On a standard desktop computer, there is space for two to four internal modem cards. Any internal modem can be connected only to a telephone line. So the more modems that exists more, can make calls at the same time that the computer. If the auto-dialing system is used in a call center with several live operators, require each operator of his own phone with a headset connected to a dedicated phone line. AutoDial works over both regular public switched telephone network (PSTN) or Voice over IP (VoIP). The most important part of the auto-dialing system is the software. The software shares to choose which numbers the computer and how you react to different situations (if answers answering machine, a man takes a busy signal, et cetera). Voice recognition is the technology, auto-dialing software, to tell the difference between an answering machine and a human voice. As voice recognition works: If nobody takes about 25 seconds the handset for at least four rings, then there is an increased probability that the call be a machine answered. If the call is accepted, the software is the length measures the first words spoken and is waiting for a break. If the first reaction of a short burst of words (one to three seconds) is followed by a pause, then there is a man "(Dr. Johnson es Office.)" How can I help you?") The software then passes the call to a live operator or a recorded message plays. The tell-tale break, most telemarketing calls accompanied caused by the time takes for the software to recognize a human voice and lead the call to an operator available. Is one of the most interesting developments in auto-dialing software predictive dialing. Predictive dialing is best in a call center setting, where several operators make simultaneous calls. Predictive dialing technology uses a complex algorithm to anticipate when an operator free, another call to handle will be. Predictive dialing software analyzes different factors: How many calls are answered by live people. How many calls are answered by machine. How many calls are never answered or busy signal launch the length of a typical call, if answered by a live person Using this information, the predictive dialing software can exactly so often start a new number to the amount of time that live are to maximize their operators on the phone and talk to calculate. The system will often choose numbers, if no operators available, knowing that an operator is expected to be a late call law, if another is where it begins. Interactive voice response (IVR) is an auto-dialing technology that provides interactive menus for outgoing calls. For example, a marketing or demographics companies can self choice consumers and with an interactive survey, they answer their phone keypad or responses to present.

About Phone Numbers

What do the digits in the phone numbers?

General Information About Phone Digits

The phone number that you choose to call someone an address, the IP address of a computer or the address of your House is similar to basically. The length of the phone number varies depending on the country, those who you call. In many European countries, phone numbers are variable in length of only five or six digits in small towns to ten or more in the major cities.

Fixed Length

Fixed-length, with a total of 10 digit phone numbers are in the United States. The 3-3-4 system, developed by AT & T 1947 used three blocks of numbers in two blocks of three and a block of four numbers arranged. Look under the phone number for HowStuffWorks how to go through the importance of the various blocks.

Country Code

Think the city three parts such as an address, where the prefix is the prefix is the road and the number of the line is the House. You can go even a step further with this analogy by including the country. The "1", select on long-distance calls within the United States is the country code actually.

Area Code

Primaries, regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), codes used to a specific geographic region, to call such as a city or a part of a State.


The prefix on a telephone line originally referred to the particular switch, connected. Each switch of a phone provider was central to a unique three-digit number. With the arrival of computerized switches, many systems allow now-local number portability (LNP). This means that a customer phone number can be moved to a different switch be without having to change a part of it, including the prefix, as long as the customer not from the local area of interest moves.

Line Number

This is the number at the switch level to the telephone line that you need. Because the number of the line and not the phone itself is assigned to, you can easily change add phones or more phones on the same line.

Sample Data

some phone number informations from our database

Dunkin' Donuts Roswell

Address: 550 W Crossville Rd
City: Roswell, County: Fulton
State: GA, Country: United States

Area Code: 770

Phone: +17705182648

Dunkin' Donuts Branchburg

Address: 3549 U.S. 22
City: Branchburg, County: Somerset
State: NJ, Country: USA

Area Code: 908

Phone: +19085346565

Dunkin' Donuts Manchester

Address: 105 Glen Dr
City: Manchester, County: York
State: PA, Country: United States

Area Code: 717

Phone: +17172664867

Dunkin' Donuts Brattleboro

Address: 1071 Putney Rd
City: Brattleboro, County: Windham
State: VT, Country: United States

Area Code: 802

Phone: +18022544987

Dunkin' Donuts Charlotte

Address: 2037 W Sugar Creek Rd
City: Charlotte, County: Mecklenburg
State: NC, Country: United States of America

Area Code: 704

Phone: +17045094909

Dunkin' Donuts Wesley Chapel

Address: Willow Oak Dr
City: Wesley Chapel, County: Pasco
State: FL, Country: United States

Area Code: 813

Phone: +18139914130

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