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can't call on 2242283001 (collection agency)

They leave no message, just hang up. Guess they want you to call them back so that they can keep calling you! Block this caller....  » Read more

recall number for 5042261139 (unknown)

Nothing came up in number...  » Read more

who is 2024958794 (scam)

Chinese scammer...  » Read more

whose cellphone number is 2092641390 (unknown)

Need to know who this is...  » Read more

Who is 4806954552 (safe)

Who is this...  » Read more

scams +12035948370 (robocall)

Robocall/unwanted participation by me....  » Read more

from usa +12162255110 (unknown)

Who called me ?...  » Read more

from usa +12062803120 (unwanted)

Dns unsafe to see. Tried to brjng an extra person. Scary...  » Read more

scams +12062803120 (scam)

Dns unsafe to see. Tried to brjng an extra person. Scary...  » Read more

Phone Number +12027652209 (unknown)

Calls and no one there...  » Read more

Useful Facts

How to use an International Callback Service?

Help international callback services for international calls from other countries United States prices and save you money, and if you wonder how it works? Register your foreign phone number with international callback service, then the phone number can be a land-line telephone, mobile or VoIP phone. The callback service will assign a local number, similar to how the toll numbers available free access provided by phone cards and callback services enable you call the local number, to make ring once then hangup. This is a signal to the callback computer call you back and give you a dial tone on its local phone network based usually in the United States, where the international prices are cheaper. Dial the number you want to reach. Not all call-back service over the telephone must be initiated. There are services which with send a text message to the international callback service the number you want to call and the service call back with the connection already made. There are similar services, to operate over the Internet. Simply access the service Web site, give your local phone number and the number you want to reach, and the service call back like you. Different countries impose different restrictions make calls with international callback service. Some blocked access to prevent numbers that callers, bypassing the local phone system. If this is the case, searching on callback services, which initiate calls from the Internet, because that's hardest to block those.

About Phone Numbers

What do the digits in the phone numbers?

General Information About Phone Digits

The phone number that you choose to call someone an address, the IP address of a computer or the address of your House is similar to basically. The length of the phone number varies depending on the country, those who you call. In many European countries, phone numbers are variable in length of only five or six digits in small towns to ten or more in the major cities.

Fixed Length

Fixed-length, with a total of 10 digit phone numbers are in the United States. The 3-3-4 system, developed by AT & T 1947 used three blocks of numbers in two blocks of three and a block of four numbers arranged. Look under the phone number for HowStuffWorks how to go through the importance of the various blocks.

Country Code

Think the city three parts such as an address, where the prefix is the prefix is the road and the number of the line is the House. You can go even a step further with this analogy by including the country. The "1", select on long-distance calls within the United States is the country code actually.

Area Code

Primaries, regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), codes used to a specific geographic region, to call such as a city or a part of a State.


The prefix on a telephone line originally referred to the particular switch, connected. Each switch of a phone provider was central to a unique three-digit number. With the arrival of computerized switches, many systems allow now-local number portability (LNP). This means that a customer phone number can be moved to a different switch be without having to change a part of it, including the prefix, as long as the customer not from the local area of interest moves.

Line Number

This is the number at the switch level to the telephone line that you need. Because the number of the line and not the phone itself is assigned to, you can easily change add phones or more phones on the same line.

Sample Data

some phone number informations from our database

Dunkin' Donuts Boyce

Address: 8153 John Mosby Hwy
City: Boyce, County: Clarke
State: VA, Country: U.S.A.

Area Code: 540

Phone: +15408379080

Dunkin' Donuts Somerville

Address: 90 Washington St
City: Somerville, County: Middlesex
State: MA, Country: United States of America

Area Code: 617

Phone: +16176665085

Dunkin' Donuts Sebring

Address: 3504 Us Highway 27 S
City: Sebring, County: Highlands
State: FL, Country: United States

Area Code: 863

Phone: +18634713622

Dunkin' Donuts Greensboro

Address: 337 W Wendover Ave
City: Greensboro, County: Guilford
State: NC, Country: United States

Area Code: 336

Phone: +13363320987

Dunkin' Donuts Windsor Mill

Address: 8023 Liberty Rd
City: Windsor Mill, County: Montgomery
State: MD, Country: United States of America

Area Code: 410

Phone: +14106554146

Dunkin' Donuts Chicago

Address: 1127 W Bryn Mawr Ave
City: Chicago, County: Cook
State: IL, Country: United States of America

Area Code: 773

Phone: +17735613315

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